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Big Cat conservation
The plight of the big cats species and what we can do to help

Ghosts of Africa , White Lions ,Legend or Fact
Magnificent in stature, ghostly in appearance, the White Lions of Africa, on first sighting it is not difficult to understand how this stunning specie has made its place within the pages of legends Unlike their recognizable tawny cousin, this rare king of the African plains bares a milky white coat and opaque eyes heralding its ghostly appearance leading to mythical status Though similar in resemblance to the Albino, the lions white coat is a result of a rare unidentified recessive gene which causes the leucism*, To spend anytime in the company of these magnificent cats it is difficult not to be moved by their plight and an urgency to continue in every effort to raise awareness of just how important today’s conservation efforts have become * Lack of colour pigmentation caused by recessive IE gene

Rewarding Nature
Remember do NOT TAKE photo's ..... Simply take NOTHING from nature ... but choose to preserve its vision and beauty . My role as a photographer has never been influenced by material gain, with many images published and freely donated for the provision of educational material to demonstrate the beauty of nature or given back in way of royalties to vital conservation causes, my gain is far greater as a conservationist, custodian, and guardian of nature

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