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Big Cat conservation

by Karen-Jane Dudley

I have been asked on many occasions of all the big cat species I have photographed and worked with which specie is my favourite?
The answer is simply they are all very special in their own way, but working so closely alongside them does bring home just how precious these beautiful animals truly are and their future is our hands

No one can deny the power of a full grown Tiger up close, yet even at around 600lb these magnificent cats are fragile and no match for the greed and persecution of his most feared enemy ……MAN
Sadly mans fascination with the tigers beauty has lead it’s numbers to continue to decrease through poaching with demand for pelts and body parts for herbal remedies ever on the increase tragically making this stunning cat worth more dead than alive and as yet there is no scientific evidence to support or prove the alleged benefits of these remedies, the tireless and continuous dedicated work carried out by conservation projects and groups to ensure the future survival of the tiger is supported worldwide and through our efforts by means of education ,knowledge and understanding of the tiger will help give them the support and care that is needed to ensure their survival and a chance to live in safety

A similar plight is that of the cheetah, after a recent trip to Africa and a chance to photograph and observe them in their natural environment it is ever apparent that we must act now to safeguard a safer and brighter future to ensure that future generations will be graced with its presence
The plight of the Cheetah has now become a major concern throughout Africa with numbers on the decrease,
With its stealth build and lighting speed over the ground this timid and shy cat is truly stunning to observe with the grace and speed of its athletic frame at full stretch
The fastest animal on land but its race for survival is a race it cannot win on its own our help is needed

K1 Photography in Africa
K1 Photography in Africa

I would like to personally thank the many conservation groups that I have been privileged in providing photographic data for and for their support, and for the many enquiries regarding future projects
Should you require details or have any enquiries regarding photographic assignments , projects or image supplies from K1 Photography , please use the contact tab located on the homepage,
To ensure and safeguard their future we must act now, details of a number of conservation project’s can be found on the links page of the K1 website, your help is very much appreciated and needed so please give them the support they truly deserve by visiting the websites